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Without Embarrassment

The Social Coward's Totally Fearless
Seduction System

252 pages
(paperback or kindle from Amazon)

Without Embarrassment has been called one of the most important books ever published in the men's dating market.  It addresses the internalized shame and other toxic psychological issues that trap men in shyness and socially awkward behaviors which keep them isolated and alone.

This book delivers a potent strategy to set you on the path to social recovery, taking you on an internal journey of self-investigation that lays open a complete understanding of the roots of your frustration at trying to connect with women.  It delivers real-life tactics, dialogs, and strategies to help get you past all these problems.

Think about being able to walk right up to the prettiest woman in a nightclub, classroom or even in the street and engage her in a cool, flirtatious conversation... one that will have her laughing and joking around with you in seconds, handing over her phone number in minutes, and leaving you feeling like a million bucks for the rest of your life.

Now imagine being able to pull this off without any paralyzing fear of rejection - without any shame or uncertainty, and most of all...

... without any embarrassment!

That's what this book is about.

Fear of Rejection... Rejected!

Fear of being rejected by a woman is a terrible social handicap that haunts a surprisingly large number of men.  Deeply hidden feelings of inadequacy that surface at the worst possible moment can make it impossible to think, talk, act and sometimes even MOVE when an opportunity to socialize with an attractive woman presents itself.

This kind of relentless failure is not without its' consequence it grinds on you until it begins to drag down all other aspects of your life.  You begin to get left out of social events... people "forget" to invite you to parties because you're "that guy" who never brings a date. Or maybe it's because your social awkwardness and inappropriate behavior makes them feel uncomfortable when you're around.

This book addresses the misguided unconscious beliefs that have been creating all these painful moments and blocking your progress in life. It lays out a step-by-step process to develop a casual, seductive personality for yourself that an amazing number of women will find attractive and interesting.  You'll discover clever psychological tactics that will improve your odds of successfully making connections with women at every step along the path from courtship to seduction: from the moment that a girl first catches your eye, to the thrill of winning her heart... and ultimately bedding her.

  *   Imagine walking around getting solid signs of interest from women, instead of always being the invisible man. Imagine how much easier it will make your life. Who fears a slam dunk?

  *   Imagine gaining the respect and camaraderie of other men as their regard for you improves as well...

  *   Imagine having your opinions and ideas listened to instead of ignored...

  *   Imagine being able to reach out and accept the affection of a woman without feeling ashamed about it...

  *   Now imagine being able to do all of this naturally without any fear of rejection stopping you...

cute girl

Toxic Shame: The Male Confidence Assassin

You'll learn some incredible facts about the poisonous effect that something called toxic shame could be having on your personality.  Internalized shame is a subconscious issue that manifests itself in ways that can make it difficult to be social and connect women.  Toxic shame created a disastrous internal belief system in myself that ruined the best years of my life... until I accidentally discovered that it even existed when I was in my early forties, and by sheer accident.

I then took steps to eliminate this beast from my consciousness.  It took me some time to figure out what was going on, but I was (about 90%) successful. Like breaking any addictive behavior, there will be relapses.  No big deal.  I'll show you how all that works, explain what toxic shame is and lay out the specific steps that I took clear this garbage out of my head.

As part of my own growth process, I developed sneaky and clever methods to attract the attention of women, but in a very subtle manner that allowed me to protect my sensitive ego just enough to give me the courage to act.  My techniques make it extremely safe even for the super-shy guy to operate with a quiet, powerful confidence that gets you noticed and eventually hooked-up.

You'll learn how to make fantastic first impressions... converse with a purpose to get the date or phone number that you're seeking... know exactly when to say the right thing at the right moment, etc. etc.  You'll even see how to get a girl daydreaming about you when you're not around her.

So break your destructive cycle of fear, anxiety and other self-defeating behaviors that are holding your romantic life down, and get busy designing your own grand adventure.


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book. It has given me a new found optimism that I will soon be having satisfying relationships based on how much more confident with women that I now find myself to be. Iím 28, and the lack of women in my life has taken a severe toll on my emotional well being. It made me spend what should have been the best years of my life in serious despair. There are a lot of lonely people like me in this world and what you are doing to help us is very needed and appreciated. I honestly feel the decision to purchase your book may have saved my life. Thank you Mike! ~ Ray Masters

Your humorous delivery and crisp writing style make your books the most enjoyable e-books I've ever encountered. I've seen many different authors on TV droning on about their "great" books (many of which I've actually read) which can't hold a candle to your materials. I found myself being pulled magnetically from page to page and ended up reading 40 and 50 page blocks of Without Embarrassment at a time -- hardly without realizing it! Based on the impressive knowledge about this subject that you bring to the table and your precise and entertaining presentation of it, I don't understand why you aren't more famous and well known than you seem to be. You need a better agent! ~ Arias Sunne

Hi Mike, I am quite an intelligent guy: 169 IQ, 1510 SAT, MENSA member (not to brag ;-) and I must say that I found your book immensely enlightening and insightful much on the same scale that I found physics books such as Steven Hawking's A Brief History of Time, Feyman's Quantum ElectroDynamics and Lederman's The God Particle highly thought-provoking. I was humbled by your intellect and your knowledge of this material on a MASSIVE scale. You Sir are "THE MAN" ~ Rick Nolan

This is a very intelligent and well thought out book... I have a background in Psychology and I studied several classics such as Freud, Jung, Kubler-Ross etc. When I picked up Without Embarrassment my expectations were low, instead I was pleasantly surprised: from cover to cover this book is full of intelligent perspectives about male-female relationships and the attraction between sexes, all told with a sparkling sense of humor! This book is practical, subtle, and it's miles ahead of all the "alpha male" kind of unrealistic books that you can find around. I can't praise "Without Embarrassment" highly enough, and I just wish I had read it much earlier. Strongly recommended. ~ Elijah Powell

This book is for guys who are grounded in reality, not kung-fu pickup artist fantasies. This book is for the highly intelligent, creative, wonderful guys out there who find themselves paralyzed by shame and fear and thoroughly naive and ignorant in the mating game. This is for guys who simply want to feel like human beings, not pimps. ~ Tony Poem

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She's Yours For The Taking

A Man's Guide to the Seduction and Sexual
Enchantment of Women

281 pages
(paperback or kindle from Amazon)

Social life going nowhere? No problem, I'll show you how to turn things around for yourself real fast with my new PUA guide designed to help you locate, meet, date and ultimately seduce the girl of your dreams... whoever she may be.  You'll learn how to use clever dialogs and project a cool high status alpha-male attitude to create a great vibe with any girl that you choose to set your sights on.

And while dating itself may not always be the nerve-wracking experience that actually meeting a woman can be, it's the ONE place where your dreams can get shipwrecked by just a few innocent mistakes. When it comes to women, first impressions and first dates leave little room for error - judgements are made quickly and often ruthlessly. You need to be at the top of your game nowadays or the competition will sweep you away.

Instead of enduring all this pain and frustration, let She's Yours For The Taking show you how to make psychologically effective moves on women, and best of all, do it routinely in everyday "real life" situations.  Real life frequently serves up genuine chances to make out because the usual bullshit "on guard" attitudes that chicks display in environments like nightclubs are nowhere to be found. This sets the stage for a guy to be smooth and fascinating when the girl least expects it, which doubles the romantic impact:

  *   Learn how to apply a "psychology of emotion" to your personality that women will find irresistible...

  *   How to simulate having adequate social skills even if you're scared shitless!  Seriously, I've perfected a quick & simple NLP trick that you can use to trick your own mind into delivering a confident posture - "on demand" - whenever you need it, in any situation...

  *   Learn how to use effective opening comments that intrigue women rather than get them looking for someone else to talk to...

  *   Rejection fears are addressed... making a smooth recovery from a 'no', getting past the dreaded first phone call - and even knowing the perfect way to end a first date...

  *   Learn my very casual cold-meeting move called pull tabbing.  It works with pre-scripted routines which can be modified to suit your style and then memorized.  Now you can do something with those unexpected "gotcha" chances to meet women that make you want to kick yourself in the ass for missing them!

sexy girl in pool

Let's face it... it can be tough to know exactly how to act around any particular woman in order to get her to dig you.  In our desperation we sometimes try to be a nice guy but not too nice, a steadfast guy who tries to demonstrate that he takes no crap from women... then blows everything up by provoking an argument... etc. etc.

She's Yours lays out dozens of creative strategies to help get you through this ridiculous social minefield.  I'm sure that before long it will become your #1 reference for solving all the problems that you're ever likely to have gaming women... from meeting and dating them, to ultimately bedding the right one just the way that she loves it.


Mike, I am truly impressed with the insights you possess in regards to the whole male-female relationship thing. The past few weeks have been an incredible confidence boost for me. At the bars, Iím concentrating on displaying a high status male aura and dear lord... it absolutely works! ~ Bob Wilneck

"I love Mike's books, they're fun and interesting, and they're always loaded with good ideas. This one is a very tight seduction process that stretches from the first date to getting a girl deeply hooked into you. But it's also a sort of "philosophy of pleasure" as well. If you can learn to adopt this philosophy for yourself AND then get your girl to buy into it as well, you will indeed be on your way to having a "fembot" I suppose... I can see how the whole thing would work." ~ Terry Willis

"Mike P. has created enlightened ways to overcome shyness and fear of rejection, shown us how to become "high status males", put slick pick-up dialogs in our mouths, produced some of the most reasonable dating advice out there... and now he shows us how to turn our girlfriends into love-slaves! Does this guy ever run out of ideas? What's next... how to create a harem?" ~ Vic Odom

"Like always, far more value than I'd expected. Mike Pilinski's writing always makes me think, and he's a delight to read - not such a stiff like some of these other 'authors' are." ~ Randy Milne

Just last night I was at the bar with a few friends and, after walking over to put a few quarters on the pool table, I turned around to find a nice looking blonde with her hand outstretched offering me her name, and asking me for mine! I did a pull tab like you described in your book, and I'll tell you I could see in her eyes that she was into me, it was like I was the only person in her world at that moment. It has been a long time since something like that has happened to me! It gave me a big feeling of crazy confidence that made me feel like I could take on the whole bar! Your high status methods totally rock out buddy! ~ Mike Tellus


'She's Yours For The Taking' is the highest rated of all my books by Amazon reviewers. Take a look at some of these 5 Star Reviews that it's been pulling down for several years now...

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Don't think my sneaky-PUA methods will work for you?  Then try "The Handshake Trick" pulled straight out of my book Without Embarrassment.  You can test-fire it any time you encounter a girl that you can create a handshaking opportunity with.  This move is absolutely A+ to use in formal situations like business functions where subtlety is a must.  It's a perfectly acceptable way to flirt with a woman in a very sly, 1-to-1 manner where only you and her know what's going on... even in a crowded room.  Best of all, it establishes a "more-than-friendly" type of interest in a girl right from the very first instant that you meet her.  From there it's easy to build an ongoing flirt.

The Handshake Trick

 (excerpted from Without Embarrassment, page 58)

handshake trick

In situations where you're being formally introduced or performing a self-introduction, you will often have an opportunity to shake a woman's hand.  There's a right way and a wrong way to do this. First, make sure that your hand fully engages hers until the webs between your thumbs and index fingers touch.  No wimpy, "finger-gripper" handshakes!  Grasp firmly, but don't squeeze hard like you would do with a guy. We're looking to finesse a little balance here.

While maintaining solid eye contact, turn your hand very slowly and slightly in a clockwise direction (to the right) so that her hand is above yours with your palm turned upwards (instead of side-by-side vertically the way you would normally shake hands). Hold on gently for a few seconds, then release your grip on her hand... but don't withdraw it, just freeze in that position. Let her break contact first while you remain perfectly still.

Don't be surprised if she doesn't take her hand away immediately, but just stands there mesmerized with a great smile and direct eye contact (which you should be mirroring right back at her).  This sounds silly but it can create an electric "chemistry" type of moment which can then be taken a step further simply as a natural extension of this one cool "moment" that you've experienced together.

Why women get all turned-on by this move I don't know, but I suspect that it has something to do with the way in which the Shining Knight takes hold of the Maiden's hand before kissing it (her hand above his, knuckles up). It's vaguely fantasy-like and certainly intriguing, and most importantly, puts you in an immediate positive light that separates you from all the other forgettable schmucks that she's met today - those clowns who either gave her a 'squishy fishy' or the 'bone-crusher' greeting.

See how you've got to be thinking all the time? A seduction must be built brick-by-brick... and always think of that very first brick you lay, your first impression as being the all-important cornerstone. Remember, first impressions have nuclear importance when it comes to impressing women. If you start out wrong with them, you are rarely able to recover without a huge effort.


The Handshake Trick is perfect to use anywhere you can find an appropriate and reasonable way to shake a woman's hand.  Here's a letter from a fan:

Hey Mike, I tried that handshake trick that you described in Without Embarrassment and damn, IT WORKS!  I was dancing at this place called the Rockin' Rodeo (Tempe, AZ) with a teacher who was visiting from Georgia (tons of teachers visit here during the two-week Xmas vacation).  She introduced me to her mom, who was very good-looking.  I used that handshake on her, and even though momís boyfriend was standing right there, she kept her hand right on mine long after I had released hers, just like you said she would!

It was almost like she was hypnotized or something. It was all I could do to keep from saying out loud: "Man, this shit really works!"
~ Chip Piers

(5 days later...)

Mike, Iím 2-for-2 with your handshake technique! Last night I had a first date with a woman that I met last week.  We met at a little R&B lounge so we could talk, and when I greeted her I used the handshake trick again, and she did NOT move her hand away an inch! She just kept hers right on top of mine, just like that other woman that I met at the Rockin' Rodeo did last week.  She looked like she was in a trance too. Close dancing and an excellent goodnight kiss almost seemed like they were automatic from that point on.  Nice trick there buddy, a small price to pay for something that works like Love Potion #9! ~ Chip P.

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We all know that, when it comes to meeting women, the most difficult part is getting them to lock eyes with you for even just a moment... and smile!

So imagine if some sexy chick walked right up to you in a bar, grabbed you by your provocative new t-shirt and screamed: "Ohmygod how friggin' cute! I love this! Where did you get it?..."

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This is the genius of my Rejection-Proof Icebreaker Tee's ó they incite an instant warm feeling in women ó giving you the perfect green light to start flirting.

You may not realize that when a woman gets a warm feeling about a guy, she starts to ignore his "flaws" (short height, bald head, flabby belly...) and looks for reasons to LIKE him instead. Getting a girl to regard you favorably mere moments after first meeting her is the best positive setup that you can possibly imagine. Test one of these shirts out for yourself. Wear it anywhere and you'll be amazed at how easy it can be to meet women this way.

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